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Delweld Industries Corporation delivers a quality product to its clients through its industry leading fabrication and manufacturing capabilities.

Client Success Stories

As an example of the Delweld’s success in meeting or exceeding client expectations, the following stories have been provided.

Picture displaying main entrance outdoor weather
            canopy for at the East Hills Business Complex in Richland, Pennsylvania.  The canopy was designed and fabricated by Delweld. Picture displaying a tall, sliver colored metal system developed by Delweld to perform weld fume collection for analysis for ATC.
Modern Art Plate Glass Company story Assess, Test, and Consult (ATC) story

Client List

Below is a list of some of the types of clients that have contracted with Delweld Industries Corporation. Specific client references available upon request.

Contract Wood Furniture Manufacturers

  • Delweld has been supplying design, manufacturing, and logistical services since 1988. Products range from fully metal bed and furniture systems, to metal furniture components.
  • Steel bed springs, platform/desk rails, stabilizer rails, guardrails, ladders, fabricated steel desk frames
  • Metal bed post channel inserts
  • Institutional lounge furniture parts

Other Businesses Serviced, and Products Supplied by Delweld

  • Agricultural Implement Manufacturers
  • Architectural Glass/Glazing Companies
  • Catalog Sales Products
  • Chiropractic Equipment Suppliers
  • Environmental Service Provider Products
  • Exercise Equipment Suppliers
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
  • Industrial Rigging and Installation Companies
  • Power Piping Support Components
  • Security and Event Management Products
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