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We at Delweld have always prided ourselves on the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to deliver a better product in the shortest time and at the most economical cost possible. Here are some examples of our capabilities:

Laser Cutting

We are equipped with three lasers. Two of which are flat sheet lasers and the third laser cuts tubing. We have a Trumpf 2510 2000 watt laser which is used for cutting lighter gauge material. It has a 4 ft. by 10 ft. sheet capacity and is fully automated. It is capable of running unattended and “lights out.” This is an excellent machine for high volume laser cut parts. We also have a Trumpf 6050 which is the largest, most powerful laser in the field. It has a 6000 watt resonator and is capable of cutting up to 1 inch thick steel. It has the capacity to cut a part 80 inches by 20 feet long. If this laser can’t cut it…nothing can! Our Adige tube laser allows us to cut various types of tubing from steel to aluminum and stainless steel. We have a 3000 watt resonator and are able to cut a tube 21 feet long. These lasers allow us to specialize in precision controlled material cutting applications. At Delweld, we can design products and take them from computer drawings straight to production on the laser. We also use our lasers for designing our own tooling and fixtures. Laser cutting is the most accurate and efficient means of material cutting available in manufacturing today, and we have plenty of it.

Robotic Welding

We currently employ four OTC DR-1300, one OTC AX-V4L, and one OTC AX-V6 welding robots, as well as an OTC Almega FW250 welding cell that utilize a pulsed MIG system. They allow us to robotically weld parts of considerable size. We custom design and fabricate our own weld fixtures and jigs to maximize the use of our robotic capabilities. Robotically performed weldments offer the benefit of extreme uniformity and repeatability. We also have a Miller MRH Pulsed MIG Welding Robot that allows us to accommodate smaller parts of large or small volume. Delweld began using welding robots in 1990.

Tube Processing

We make good use of our Pines # 2 Rotary Tube Bender with digital Dial-A-Bend capacity. It allows us to bend tubing up to 3 inches in diameter. Because we purchased an extended bed, we have the ability to bend tubing with very long part profiles. Our tube processing is not limited to rotary bending.   We have just added CNC tube bending to our capabilities which will give us even more bending flexibility.  Delweld also offers laser tube cutting (see laser cutting), die bending, end finishing, dimpled and clean hole punching, and swaging.

Sheet Metal Processing

The sky is the limit as to what we can do to meet your sheet metal processing needs. The boundless capacities of our laser cutting combined with our number of press brakes allow for all sorts of operations from cut-outs to holes to bending.


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