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Laser Tube Series Sleep System

An Economic Alternative

New from Delweld for 2009 The Laser Tube sleep system combines the advantages of 21st century metal tube processing technology, with the proven designs that have set a standard for quality and reliability.

In 1999, as the 20th century came to a close, Delweld Industries Corp. introduced to the institutional metal bed market what was to become the benchmark of the industry. The Safe-T-Lock steel tubular frame sleep surface offered new levels of strength, safety, and aesthetics.

Automated CNC systems that were not available only a few short years ago are now being used at Delweld to create products for the 21st century. The Laser Tube Series exploits these new technologies to offer an economical version of a dependable concept.

  • 100% American made steel construction
  • Quality features equivalent to other Delweld sleep systems
  • High precision laser cut, and robotically welded components for accurate, consistent connections.
  • Bed frame and stabilizer rail installations are achieved without the use of hook plates or pin brackets. This solid tube to tube method of attachment is not only structurally sound, but clean looking in appearance.
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