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Model TX-3680LT Safe-T-Lock Steel Tubular Frame

Specifications for this product are found in the Delweld Product Catalog which is available for download below.

Spring Frame Construction

All components are fabricated from domestic 54,000-PSI minimum yield strength HRP&O steel tubing. End sections are of 1 ½ inch square steel tubing with 15ga. (0.072”) wall thickness. Side sections are of 2 inch by 1 inch rectangular steel tubing with 15ga. (0.072”) wall thickness. Lateral cross braces (2) are of 1 inch square tubing with 15ga. (0.072”) wall thickness. The side sections are specially notched on the inside to allow end insertion, which positively aligns and locks the end and side sections together before finish welding. Precisely sized and located slots are laser cut into the ends of the side sections to facilitate an accurate, rigid, but tool free connection to the LT Series headboard (see HB**LT spec sheet). After each component is processed to exacting tolerances, by means of high tech laser cutting, they are accurately fixtured and are finish welded using state of the art robotics to insure total unitized frame integrity every time. This unique all tubular design greatly enhances overall strength and safety creating a new unmatched level of excellence.

*Other sizes available


The spring surface is made up of 16 rows of 9 ga. Genuine No Sag sinuous spring wire with “Z” hooks on each end. There are six rows of 12ga. connecting links between each row of sinuous springs for a total of 90 links. There are five 12ga. helical springs, with 16 turns and a ¾ inch diameter, on each end of the spring frame. All spring components are inserted inside the tubular frame leaving it both tamper-proof and free of sharp edges.

Metal Finish:

All components are cleaned, pickled, phosphated, and non-chromic sealed in six stages. They are then dried and electrostatically powder coated with hybrid dry powder and baked at 400 degrees. Color is Textured Black.

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