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Model WGR-100 Tubular Safety Guardrail (50" Guardrail)

Product is shown in the pictures below.  Specifications for this product are found below.
Picture displaying Model WGR-50 Tubular Safety Guardrail. Picture displaying Model WGR-50 Tubular Safety Guardrail bolts.


All components are fabricated using 54,000-PSI minimum yield strength A-1010 HRP&O steel tubing. Guardrail main frame is bent in one piece and is 1 inch square steel tubing with 16ga. (0.065”) wall thickness. Horizontal stretchers (2 each) are 1 inch by ½ inch rectangular steel tubing with 16ga. (0.065”) wall thickness. The 2 stretchers are robotically MIG welded to each side of the main frame. All construction and materials meet or exceed Federal guidelines for guardrails. Specially designed mounting hardware is included for installation on tubular or angle bed springs, which does not expose any sharp edges or corners. High impact plastic inserts are installed in the main frame to act as closure to the ends of the tube, leaving no sharp ends.  Overall length of the guardrail is 50 3/8" and it extends 12 1/2" above the siderail.

Metal Finish

All components are cleaned, pickled, Iron phosphated, and non-chromic sealed in six stages. They are then dried and electrostatically powder coated with hybrid dry powder and baked at 400 degrees. Color is Textured Black. The Powder Coating Process applies dry powder pigments to the parts by means of electrostatic charge. There are no solvents or thinners used as an application vehicle, thus there are zero VOC’s emitted in this process.

PLEASE NOTE: Use of a full length and or a partial length guardrail on the top bunk has been mandated by the federal government in certain applications.

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