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Delweld offers a variety of sleep system products. Product specifications are also found in the Delweld Products Catalogue.


Delweld employs industry-leading processes, systems technology and facilities to meet the most demanding client’s needs.

Customer Support

If you have a technical or accessibility question regarding the website or if you need any general information, kindly email us at [email protected]

Welcome To Delweld Industries Corporation

Mission Statement

Since its inception in 1987, Delweld Industries Corporation has grown to become a leader in the metal products manufacturing market. Our goal at Delweld is to design and create the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost using leading edge technology and advanced automation. All employees at Delweld are versed in multiple processes and capabilities. Our experience shows in our work. We at Delweld are constantly evolving both our products and processes to ensure our standing at the top of the metal fabrication industry. We are very excited to take on new challenges to take manufacturing to the next level.

Why Delweld?

What separates Delweld from others in the business? That’s easy. Delweld pays close attention to detail and treats every job as a big job. There is no amount of work that is too small or too large for us to handle. We are able to do this because of our flexibility. Our processes and capabilities allow us to transition from job to job in minutes, not hours or sometimes days or weeks like others.

Our equipment gives us the luxury of not having to rely on hard tooling as much as others may have to and, in many cases, allows us to make revisions without missing a beat. Our strategic location in Western Pennsylvania enables us to competitively service points throughout the Northeast, Midwest, and the South.

But perhaps, our most attractive quality has to be the fact that we can take something as simple as a concept or idea and take it from the drawing and design phase to on-time delivery of a finished, quality product; made in America; without having to go anywhere else.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the output and volume of a large company with the service and care of a small business.